Free auction valuations

With 4 major in-room and online auctions and occasion single vendor sales, every year. There is always a Roxbury’s Auction just around the corner, this grants increased liquidity for our regular vendors and a steady flow of amazing collectable for our buyers.
Roxbury’s Auctions are now hosted on the Roxbury’s Live app, which you can follow from your smart phone anytime, anywhere at no extra cost to buyers or sellers. Through the genius of SixBid – an international aggregator of high level numismatic auctions from around the world Roxbury’s are able to connect your coins with the right audience.

Secure pick up or drop off

Selling with Roxbury’s has never been safer or easier! With the introduction secure pick up from almost anywhere in the country, you now have the peace of mind of insurance coverage from door to door.
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Have your collection graded with PCGS

With the introduction of PCGS – Professional Grading Service into the auction landscape, Roxbury’s will be the first and only Australian auction house to offer PCGS grading and submissions when consigning to auction. Grading you collection with PCGS before selling will help you connect with retail collectors and  maximise your returns.

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