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At Roxbury’s, we are dedicated to empowering our community of collectors with the confidence to buy, sell and consign in a global market to achieve dynamic sales results under the hammer. There are endless advantages to becoming a Roxbury’s Auction House partner.

This is why we partner with industry firms, associations, charities, investor groups, professional service providers, and industry bodies. Together with Roxbury’s intergenerational team of in-house experts, our long-term industry partners cement our ability to provide our clients with a world-class range of services unmatched by any other auction house in Australia.

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Through Roxbury’s corporate partnerships, we are able to provide an opportunity for you to gain exposure at our auctions, showcasing to the global community.


Our strategic partnerships are designed to link interests between our offerings, mutual platforms and the rest of the world.

Long term outlook

We make our corporate partnerships work for you. Our long-term industry collaborations with the world’s top collectors and associations guarantee a broad reach to obtain the greatest exposure at our auctions.

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Aligned visions

Building and maintaining strong corporate partnerships is key to opening up avenues of opportunity and laying the foundations for an inclusive marketplace. 


Roxbury’s partners include a diverse range of market and industry participants, which are central to the way we do business.

Industry Leaders

We focus on building exclusive partnerships with companies that are creating an impact within their industry by designing a premier strategy that will be of mutual benefit with a strong positive reception by our customers.

Our corporate partnerships benefit everyone. By partnering with fellow industry leaders, experts and advisors, we are able to push our platforms and products into new and exciting markets, demonstrating our offerings on a global level, while maintaining our strong focus on long-term client relationships.

Vault Service Available on site

We have partnered with Imperial Vaults to safeguard all your rare consigned items. Imperial Vaults is our prefered secure storage solutions provider, supplying state-of-the-art facilities to meet all client requirements.

Estate Management

At Roxbury’s, our specialists understand the unique needs of each customer. Whether it’s auctioning a single item, a small collection or an entire estate, we put your needs first.







Our services are designed to suit your collection or estate, with a team of appraisers and independent valuers dedicated to ensuring the accuracy of your free appraisal.
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Learn how to access and use our international bidding platform.

Bidding 101

Learn the multiple ways to successfully bid into our auctions.
Buy with confidence, knowing you have access to an extensive range of items from around the country. Our diverse range of auction categories and unique collectables is ideal for treasure hunters and passionate collectors.

Shipping & transport info

We have access to a network of the finest distribution channels that prioritise the safety and protection of our resources.

Bidding 101

Learn the multiple ways to successfully bid into our auctions.


Celebrate stories of bravery, resilience and honour by unearthing a historical piece from our highly sought-after military auctions.

Banknotes & Coins

With a reputation as industry leaders in coin and banknote auctioneering, Roxbury’s specialists provide peace of mind to anyone interested in consigning part or all of their collection.
Roxbury’s has established itself as one of Australia’s foremost numismatic auction houses, selling over 2,000 individual lots each year. Our customers have access to a wide selection of coin and banknote issues from around the world, as well as PCGS-graded coins and banknotes.

Grading Services

Roxbury’s coin and banknote grading service is Australia’s authorised representative of PCGS, the largest third party grading service in the world. Our affiliation with PCGS makes submitting your coins or banknotes easy and affordable.
Our industry experts guide your through your custom-made consignment journey. From evaluation to marketing and selling strategies and finally, the settlement.

Jewellery & Gems

Explore a range of fine jewellery and pens from brands like Cartier, Bulgary and Tiffany & Co., Rolex watches, rare diamonds and coloured gemstones.

Vault Services

Learn the benefits of our partnership with Imperial Vaults. They are specialists in secure storage solutions provider, supplying state-of-the-art facilities to meet all client requirements.