Get the best result for your coins and banknotes with PCGS grading.


PCGS uses the Numerical (Sheldon) Grading System. This modern grading system is based on numbers instead of words. The higher the number, the higher the coin or banknotes grade; seventy being the highest and one, the lowest. Grading with numbers helps avoid deceptive and ambiguous word-based grading.


When you buy PCGS-graded coins and banknotes, you have assurance the assessment was undertaken by a team of full-time coin graders with a wealth of combined experience. PCGS’ experts also authenticate your coins and banknotes, so you can be certain your items are not from a counterfeiter’s workshop.


The importance of grading and authentication in today’s marketplace cannot be overstated. Getting an impartial, experienced authentication and grading of your coin collection has many benefits.

PCGS guarantees the authenticity and condition of your numismatic valuables.
It protects them from the elements and the wear and tear of constant handling.
PCGS adds value to your items and collections allowing you to sell at a much higher premium.
It allows your collection to be documented and photographed.
It ensures and guarantees the originality of your collection.
It ensures authenticity and originality of your collection.

When you partner with Roxbury’s, you automatically partner with Imperial Coins

Submitting your coins and banknotes with Imperials Coins to get graded has never been easier or more affordable. Imperial Coins is Australia’s only authorised representative of PCGS. PCGS is the largest third-party grading service in the world.


Our affiliation with Imperial Coins and PCGS guarantees the authenticity and condition of your numismatic valuables. So, if you want to get a good price for your coins prior to auction, know that a PCGS graded coin will likely sell for a better price than a raw ungraded coin.


Roxbury’s has streamlined the submission process for collectors to be able to safely and simply have their consignments of ungraded coins and banknotes graded by the PCGS in the United States before going to auction.



Buy and sell with added confidence knowing a numismatic item has been graded and as a seller, it can mean quite a difference in value.


The process of submitting your coins and banknotes for grading is easy with Roxbury’s.

Contact us

Firstly, contact us and complete the PCGS grading form. Provide as much information and photos so we can provide you with clear timeframes and prices.

Send us the items

Next, send us all your items you want to consign (graded and ungraded) with the PCGS form completed for the coins or banknotes you want to get graded. From there, we will manage the process with Imperial Coins internally.

Imperial Coins ships your fully-insured items to PCGS in California, United States.

Our partner, Imperial Coins will carefully manage the logistics of getting your coins and banknotes shipped safely to the U.S.A. for grading.

Grading process

Once your valuables have arrived safely, the team of professional graders at PCGS will verify, authenticate and grade your coins and banknotes using the Numerical Grading System.

Send back to you or straight into auction

Once your submission has been returned from Imperial Coins, we will ship your items safely back to you or into the next available auction.

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Imperial Coins’ grading service is Australia’s only authorised representative of PCGS, the largest third party grading service in the world. Our affiliation with Imperial Coins makes submitting your coins or banknotes easy and affordable.

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