Bidding 101

Learn how to bid and win your sought after items. 

Multiple ways of bidding to suit your needs

Roxbury’s holds four major in-room and online auctions each year. There is always something to look forward to on the Roxbury’s auction calendar.

Roxbury’s auctions are hosted on the Roxbury’s Live app, which you can follow from your smartphone anytime, anywhere, at no extra cost to buyers or sellers. Through the genius of SixBid – an international aggregator of high-level numismatic auctions from around the world, Roxbury’s can connect your valuables with the right audience.

Reliable and Secure

Roxbury’s provides a safe, simple and secure bidding environment, both online and in-house. 

You can watch an auction live online by creating a user profile. If you find something you want to bid on, we will take you through a quick registration process. 

Once approved, you have the freedom to start bidding!


Roxbury’s Auction House is transparent. Transparent in terms of the low and high estimates. 

Transparent throughout the entire auction process. Feel safe bidding at a Roxbury’s auction knowing that you are playing on a level field.

Healthy Competition

Roxbury’s auctions attract large numbers of private and commercial buyers from Australia and internationally.

With more than 2,000 lots on offer at each auction, you are bound to find what you are looking for and perhaps even something you were not in the market for!

Never miss an
auction again


You are spoiled for bidding choice at a Roxbury’s auction.

In-person by submitting a bid form and attending our in-room live auctions in Brisbane.

Via our Roxbury’s app. Bid and win your watched lots anywhere in the world from your smartphone

Via post by downloading a bid form from our Roxbury's website and sending it to use completed before auction starts.

Via online on our Roxbury’s website - our most comprehensive platform. Watch the live auction and bid from your computer.

5 things to do before start bidding

Do the necessary research

Have you found an item you love? Hooray! First thing, we recommend you do the research to make sure that is the item you are after. 

We offer information and the chance to inspect it before the auction. Booking is essential.

Wishlist the items you want

Wishlist the items you want to be prepared for when the auction starts.
Either on our website or through the app, you can save the items you are interested in buying.
This way, you can have all your items in place for easy management.

Register in the Roxbury's app

The Roxbury’s app is the bidder’s best friend. It’s user-friendly, and you can bid directly from your app in one move.
It also will automatically give you a 5 minutes reminder notice that the item you saved is about to be auctioned.

Set maximum bids before auction day

Maximum bids are great for maximising your chances of getting multiple items. 
Even with maximum automatic bids, it doesn’t guarantee you will win the item. The best approach is to be on the online live auction.

Participate of the live action to maximise chances

The best chance of getting the item you want to buy is by participating in the live auction. Sometimes the bidding battle starts, and it might pass your maximum preset bid.
This way, you can choose to continue bidding or let it go.

Our Partnerships within the Imperial Group allow us to facilitate door-to-door transportation of your precious metals with ease. we offer a comprehensive, affordable service to anywhere in the world


At Roxbury's, our specialists understand the unique needs of each estate, whether it's a single item, a small collection or an entire estate. We put your needs first.

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Bidding 101

Learn the multiple ways to successfully bid into our auctions.


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Bidding 101

Learn the multiple ways to successfully bid into our auctions.


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